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Do You Need A Mid-Year Reset?

I decided this past weekend to declare a mid-year reset. Lots of events may force resets. Loss and death. Job changes. New homes. New cities. New phases of life. These are resets forced upon us.

And then there are those we choose. We draw a line in the sand. July 1st is my line in the sand.

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“Perfect,” I thought. “The first day of the second half of the year. And a Monday. The beginning of the work week.”

I needed a reset. Saddled with bouts of depression this year, I’d languished in loss and in uncertainty about life and about myself. I’d surface for a while only to be pulled under again.

I recalled resets forced upon me. Times of other losses that demanded I start over. Amid the ashes of what had been, I sensed opportunity, too. Chances to learn. Chances to be different. Chances to clear my soul of gunk and embrace beauty. To become someone better.

A week ago, I felt like a victim of circumstance. Depression gripped me by the throat. I felt helpless. I grieved the loss of the vivacious, optimistic person I had been.

And then my survivor spirit kicked in. That’s what happens with loss. We mourn. We crawl into a solitary space. We wonder if we’ll ever feel alive again. And then something or a set of somethings happen to trigger that fighting spirit. That is the ignition of hope.

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Our hope breeds new thinking. New action. We stretch for life. And find it. As my fighting spirit kicked in, I began not only to believe in myself again but felt a renewed connection to God. Suddenly the ceiling was not an obstacle to my prayers.

And then I decided to reset the year. By golly, I said to myself, I’d start over. I’d do the things that worked before – like walking the dog under the stars, going to bed on time, and working to achieve career progress regardless of fear of failure or difficulty – and I’d get this year back on track. I’d get me back on track.

I’m not immune to the feelings of loss and uncertainty generated by several circumstances of the first six months of 2019, but now I’m going to meet them with better thinking. I’m going to remember my blessings and God’s promises of provision and protection.

Do you need a reset today? You can draw a line in the sand at an anniversary, after a difficult event, on a Monday, a Wednesday, or even a Friday – any day of the week. You decide.


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  1. Sheryl M. Baker #

    Love the resets! God gave a reset when he said in Lamentations 3:22-23… The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I rejoice knowing that each morning I can start again fresh. 🙂


    July 5, 2019
    • I wish I had thought of that verse! Thank you for sharing to add to these thoughts. God indeed gives us do overs – every morning!!!


      July 5, 2019

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