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No Fear – Our Father Is in the Room

Did you ever imagine monsters were under your bed or in your closet? What did you do as you huddled under the covers? You called out to your parents, right?

Did they speak softly to your fears? And did you hope they’d stay in the room all night? You were sure to be safe with your mother or father in the room.

Or maybe you drifted asleep in complete peace with them in the house. You knew they would come to your side at the slightest cry.

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We don’t grow up, not completely. We’re adult orphans now, and we wish they’d appear in the doorway of our dark room to rescue us from the monsters. Monsters like loneliness, depression, rage, regret, resentment and fear. If only our parents were here, they would chase away the yearning carved into our souls the day they died.

Earlier this month, I was driving to the cemetery 14 years to the day my daddy died. That’s when “The Father’s House” by Cory Asbury came on the radio. The song conveys that “failure’s never final” with a God who sees beyond shortcomings. He offers to take up our burdens and love us through this rocky journey called life.

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5 Things to Do When Life Feels Out of Control & You Need a Mid-Year Reset

The year 2020 will probably go down in history as a bad one. We all know why. The pandemic. Shelter-in-place orders. Isolation. Deaths of people we know and love from COVID-19.

We’re just past the mid-point of this awfully difficult year, but we don’t have to surrender the next six months to the trash can of time. We can proclaim a mid-year reset.

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But how do we do that when so much is out of our control? Disease. Death. Grief. We cannot dictate the outcome of our lives.

I declared a mid-year reset last year. I drew a line in the sand at July 1st. I’d been battling depression, the result of a relationship that was neither totally dissolved nor solidly intact. Uncertainty is one of the greatest foes of humanity. Sometimes a final goodbye feels better.

As a species, humanity is squirming under the force of uncertainty this year. Will we get sick? Will our spouse, a parent, a child? When can we go back to work? Will we be sent home again?

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