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3 Christmas Songs That Loss Changed Forever

Christmas won’t ever be the same after a parent dies and neither will the messages within some of our beloved songs.

In the thick of grief, we may decide to rip off the volume knob, ban any Christmas tune. Or we may sing along.

Whatever serves our healing is the right thing to do. Yes, we must allow our sorrow to spill out to find some healing, but we may temper our tears for a better time and place.

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What are the Christmas songs that especially tug at your heart? Why? What words strike a cord with you?

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Coping Without A Goodbye

I knew Mom would die, and I knew I couldn’t prevent it, but the one thing I asked God is that I’d be with her when she took her last breath.

But I was not with her. This hurt as much as the fact that she was dead.

I felt I had devastatingly failed her. And there was no way to apologize. No do over. I balled out my eyes and beat myself up over this “moral failure” for years.

But at least I saw her a few hours before she died.

COVID-19 & Goodbyes

I cannot imagine what it is now like for thousands of people who cannot sit with their parent or another loved one as they struggle to hold onto life. Of the people who cannot say goodbye due to COVID-19 restrictions.

My heart goes out to them. I know how important goodbyes are. To the sick. To the ones who remain to grieve.

Important actually isn’t the word. How about vital? How about essential?

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