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COVID Boosting Parental Death Awareness

COVID-19 has brought parental death out of the shadows by smattering the world with orphans, young ones and adult ones. What will this mean for those grieving a mother or father?

I’ve already seen more chatter across social media platforms on parental death. More people expressing the loss of a mother or father. More people feeling that they can express this loss.

Photo by Luis Galvez

And yet, because so many are grieving a loss due to COVID, some of us may feel we cannot express our loss. We may get the subliminal message that the collective grief outweighs our personal grief. And so, we push down the moments of utter hopelessness and sadness.

We don’t cry. We don’t phone a friend nor ask for help from a support group.

What a complex social dynamic added to the existing complexities of grief! I’m not surprised that the totality of COVID losses is creating what’s been called a tsunami of grief.

The Horrible Body Count

More than half a million people have died in the United States of “deaths involving COVID-19,” according to officials. The oldest die in greater numbers. They are the most likely to be parents. They also may be grandparents.

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Valentine’s Message: Grief & Abuse

Our life experiences and abuse might have messed with our sense of what God thinks of us, but I want anyone who feels “less than” to stretch out in prayer to find out who He really is.

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