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What Would I Do Without You, Mom?

I discovered the homemade Mother’s Day card inside a box of her things and read what I’d written at the bottom as a young teenager.

“If I didn’t have you what could I do?”

(I ruminated time and time again on that question. It was years ago I first wrote about it, but as Mother’s Day approaches here in 2021, I’m sharing this post again. We often do not know for years what we are going to do without our mothers.)

Indeed, I told myself, sitting in her house among her things, This is the question I’ve lived with since she died.

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This is my 8th Mother’s Day without Mom. Among my friends are those who face their first Mother’s Day without their mamas. For others, it’s been many years.

We all manage to get through it, but not so easily. I hope by the end of this post, you can personalize my ideas and cope more easily.

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